Can you believe that Trent Ashby's team would use a veteran's service to our country as a criticism?

It's true. The mailer from the Associated Republicans of Texas, a big money group that donates to those who tried to impeach our Attorney General Ken Paxton, says this in their mailer received by many of you here in HD 9.

"Paulette Carson was born in Arrington, England."

They say this as their first reason to not endorse Paulette Carson. Well, their allegation is true. You see, her father was stationed there as part of his 20 years of service in the U.S. Air Force.

Evidently, Trent Ashby thinks very little of our veterans who protect our freedoms.

Paulette Carson runs against Trent Ashby to give us a choice. Certainly, we can do better than someone who agrees with Houston's Mayor almost 2/3 of the time. How often would you agree with Houston's Mayor like Trent does?

The mailer also attacks conservative Carson for running against Pete Sessions one time and losing. You know how many times Pete Sessions ran for Congress before he won? Three times.

If this is all Ashby has against Paulette Carson, then it's a bit sad. And regrettably, he fights harder to keep his seat than he fights for our district.

Take a look at the bills he authored. Just 34 of them, and none of them were priorities for the Republican Party of Texas.

Go ahead and search the list. No bills to protect our border. No bills for securing our elections. No bills to stand for parents or children. And the only bills that address taxation either impose a tax or cost you money as a taxpayer. Please - see for yourself.

So his team criticizes her for her father's service and for losing a race against a congressman - just as Pete Sessions himself did when he first ran. But if you look at his bills, Ashby sure loves taxes and spending. Does that represent what you want done for you in Austin?

In the mailer, Ashby's team complains that she tells you why she wants to replace Ashby.

Does he want a tissue? Everything she points to points back to the Texas Legislature Online itself, the official record of the Texas Legislature. Looks like Ashby doesn't want you to see what he does in Austin. I guess you can either believe your lying eyes or Trent Ashby.

Lastly, the mailer expresses "concern" that she refuses to disclose who is funding her campaign.

That's quite a lie. Perhaps Trent Ashby is not smart enough to check for himself. Hey Trent - here's the link.

And while we're at it, let's check your campaign funding link. That's a lot of big money donations there from people like Dade Phelan and the Associated Republicans of Texas, the ones who paid for that lying mailer.

Tired of the political games and dirty tricks played by Trent Ashby and his team?

You have an alternative. To learn more about conservative Paulette Carson, visit

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